Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Long Way Around & My Crockpot God

So, Toby has been preaching thru Exodus...and not boring as you would expect. Last week he talked about the fact that God knew the Israelites weren't immediately ready for the promised land when they first came out of Egypt, so He led them on the long way around to Israel before letting them in...also talked about how the manna wasn't really what they necessarily WANTED, but what they NEEDED at the time. We've been struggling along with not being on staff with a church anywhere-but kind of enjoying being a part of a congregation that acts, instead of fighting about what we should do as a congregation. Anyway...we came to the realization that we are on the long way around...that our current jobs, while good jobs, are what we NEED right now to survive. Can you see the parallels???
Then this morning, he made a comment about the fact that we don't serve a microwave God, but a crockpot who doesn't always take care of our problems immediately, but makes us wait & learn along the road. Not that He doesn't ever do things on an immediate basis - He still does, but everything is on HIS time schedule, not mine. So, here we are, being patiently impatient while we can sometimes catch a sniff of the wonderful meal/plan He has cooking for us.

As for the summer, we are doing pretty well. The boys have yet to destroy the house while we're gone - and Bob was finally assigned a branch permanently - across the street from mine! Now, if we could get our schedules to match, we could ride together!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Moving across the country

Wow...its been 6 months since I last posted anything...guess I've have had other things on my mind. In the middle of January, the church offered a package to Bob that would pay him thru the end of May and raise $5000 to assist us in moving to Texas to be closer to my family. So, his last working Sunday was February 15th, and we headed out March 5th across the country, stopping along the way to see Bob's family in San Diego as well as Vegas. So here we are, I just found a job only 23 miles away, but takes me close to an hour to get there if there's traffic. Bob is still looking furiously for employment-had an interview with a company called Joshua Expeditions-they aid churches/schools in executing mission trips-somthing he would LOVE to do. The boys are doing okay-Nat is at a school with only 5th & 6th graders...changing classrooms & has a locker already. Nick is in one of 5 1st grade classes of 20 at his school. They are getting settled, altho they still have their moments of missing friends back home.
It has been an adventure to say the least! We are living in a house owned by my sister and her hubby, so we aren't trying to have all 10 of us living in their house.
I'll try to post some more later, its time to get some boys to bed, laundry finished, and lunches made for tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

On death and birth

So...Monday night at 11pm, Bob gets a text from one of our former youth who is still in the area - her dad has been battling stomach issues for close to 2 years now, only to be diagnosed about 6 weeks ago with pancreatic cancer. The text was simple, "Please pray for my dad. They say he may not survive the night. Please pray that he not have pain." Its Wednesday, and they are in the process of getting the house ready for hospice care as the doctors cannot do much else to help him, only keep him comfortable. The young lady who sent the text is not taking it well, as ultimately, she is a daddy's girl thru and thru - her older sister is being strong, but her kids are in 7th and 4th grade respectively and have lived w/grandpa nearly all their lives - this will be a rough one to say the least!
As for the birth - one of my former youth and now a friend had her baby on Tuesday -and he is was quite the roller coaster of a day since the above mentioned gentleman is in the same hospital - I saw them both Tuesday afternoon - elation of a new baby to the awfulness of just waiting for God to call one of His own home to heaven. This is one of those times when its hard being in ministry - going from one end of the spectrum of emotion to the other in very little time, while dealing with all my own stress.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

6 long weeks

EDIT: A good chunk of this post has been deleted after the wise advise of both my younger sister and my dad...lots of things going on at the church - not too many of which are positive...if you want the gory details - send me an email, I'll fill you in on more of what's happening, even beyond what was here originally...
The boys started school - and are doing okay - Nat's teacher this year is doing what he can to develop a sense of personal responsibility in his pupils - but from what I can tell, most of them are struggling with it. He currently has a D in math, not because he can't do it, but because it is the accelerated math program that he is supposed to do at his own speed. I'll admit, we've alway kind of corrected him and prodded him along to get things done, but a D is just unacceptable. We met with the teacher yesterday and included Nat in the conversation so he can be part of the solution - and knows that he needs to step things up - he can do the work - he just doesn't see the value in why do it? Nick is doing great, reading better each day and having a ball in his class.
On the agenda today - doing laundry, taking Nat to a play date & Nick & I spending time just us two while Bob golfs in a tournament with a friend. Somewhere in there, I need to plan a get together for Nick's bday'm busy....

Friday, August 01, 2008


So, not too long ago, my best friend from gradeschool emails me to tell me I should join facebook, since there were several of us from our graduating class on it - I did, found them all and even had a mini reunion in March at CBU. I've since found some other people from our old church and been able to keep in contact with some former students. But, the other day, I get a "friend request" from someone that says "Is this the Michelle who's wedding I was in 20 years ago?" I 'bout fell off my chair. I haven't talked to Stephanie in literally years...we were good buddies at Magnolia Avenue, and drifted she's in Atlanta with 3 kids, an author hubby...and a facebook page! Whodda thunk it - I added her blog to my list over there >>>>>> go check it out as she processes thru parenting, ministry and life...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes

So, Bob came home from Brasil on Wednesday the 23rd, and left for camp at Jenness Park on the following Monday with the youth for Centrifuge...once he's home, he's home for least not going anyway for long trips for awhile. Tonight he called here like he does every night from camp, and is feeling lousy - head cold has taken up residence in his precious head. He's telling Nick this on the phone tonight, and Nick says, "Do you want me to pray for you?" Bob says sure - so Nick does, right there on the phone with no prompting from me. Tears. Then I'm thinking, why aren't we all that way? I mean, when someone calls with a prayer need, why do we say, "Sure, I'll pray for you." Then forget about it till we see that person again. Instead of praying immediately with them, even over the phone. And he's only 6!
We are doing pretty good - I hate to say that we've gotten kinda used to Bob not being here, but we kinda have. Spent the day yesterday shopping for school supplies, and then swimming at some friends house...just hanging out. Gotta get 5 bags of stuff sorted - but we'll make it happen soon.
Dinner's ready - gotta run.

Friday, July 18, 2008

More prayer thoughts

This blogging community can be so cool sometimes! Carlos over at is conducting a "world wide prayer meeting". He asked for requests from the many of us who read his blog on a regular basis, and is literally just praying thru the comments live on his mac...when I signed out, there were 40 people all over, praying together at our individual computers for whatever was next. Posting prayers in the chat part of the video link, too...I had posted a request and ended up with shivers as I listened to him pray and knowing that tons of people were lifting little 'ol me up in prayer. I've never met Carlos, I've met his dad - but I feel like I do know him and his family - and we're part of this great community called the body of Christ together. I'm speechless.....